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CQ9 gaming was founded in 2016 in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. In just a few years in the gambling industry, the company has made a brand name for itself, earning a huge number of fans across the globe. The main part of the developer's audience is from Asia, but their ambitions don't end there, now they take over the European and American market. What was the reason for such a fast growth of the company from Taiwan? It is a strong team, which has more than 200 employees. Designers, mathematicians, artists, programmers, for several years CQ9 has created a large team of professionals who produce the most innovative products on the market. The provider has chosen to focus on the creation of slot machines so that each title in their portfolio developed and of the greatest standard. Over several years of continual progress, the provider has made itself one of the leaders in the gambling industry and now rivals such top representatives of the market as NetEnt and Microgaming. The main feature of the company is the visual component of its products. The Chinese know a lot about how modern video slots should look like. Most of their slot machines company developed exclusively for the Asian market, so the theme in the game refers to the classic Asian culture. Dragons, the golden fish, Geishas, and a variety of other thematic characters can be found in the products from CQ9 gaming. The developer's portfolio also has many games with a similar theme, so that every player can find something to their liking. CQ9'S LINES OF ONLINE CASINO GAMES And when it comes to the developer's portfolio, you can immediately understand how productive these Asian providers are. For several years the company has been able to release more than 100 different games, mostly video slots, but among them, there are some non-standard solutions. One of these games is Paradise. This is a multiplayer fishery game that allows four people to play in a cooperative game at once, the goal of the game is to get to the boss with the higher multiplier. It will guarantee the players a big payout and most important an unforgettable gaming experience. The company follows the latest trends in the industry, so all of their products integrated on the mobile platform, also new users can expect generous welcome rewards bonuses. Thanks to the company's very narrow focus, each of their new developments bring them huge profits. This is not unexpected, because the provider from Taiwan has long-established itself as a very strong player in the market. CQ9 games will help your online casino to stand out from the others and attract a new audience. Enrich your assortment with the best slot machines from this manufacturer. Contact us for more information.

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