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The way of Latvian company DLV started in 1994, its activity focused on the development of slot machines for land-based casinos. But it would take a long time for the company to move into the online sphere. Time passed, the online gambling business has grown quickly, but DLV did not enter the market immediately. It is sometimes very difficult for companies to change their priorities and their business field. It was hard to imagine at that moment what the iGaming sphere would turn into, how many players it would be able to attract, and how actively people would leave land-based casinos. At a time when the top developers have been busy developing online gambling, DLV just started releasing their products for online establishments. The bookmaker DLVbet.lv, created in 2015 in cooperation with BetConstruct, is the start of company activities in the iGaming field. Firstly there was a section with Microgaming online slots on the bookmaker's website, and then the company started to produce its product. Due to 25 years of experience in the gaming industry, an experienced team of 400 employees, the provider quickly enough entered the online gambling market and soon could already boast a large portfolio of quality products. Now the developer is working actively in the markets of Asia, Europe, and Latin America. It not only develops its products for online casinos, but also helps with the technical services of the website on which they are located. Thanks to the great experience of the company, DLV was able to quickly earn the respect of partners and users in a new market. The company evolves every year, and we believe that its best years are still to come. ONLINE-SLOTS BY DLV The developer utilized his years of experience in creating slot machines for land-based casinos, DLV immediately began to create a relevant and quality product for online casinos. There are more than 100 different slots in the library of the provider. All of them are focused on popular themes, worked out to the smallest detail, the company cares about the user's gaming experience. Here are some of the most popular slots from the DLV range: Lucky 7, Hong Long, Kin House, Burning Fruits. INTEGRATION PRODUCTS BY DLV IN YOUR ONLINE-CASINO All the top slot machines from DLV can be at your online casino. Try the single integration from Quality Games, and we'll help you integrate the entire line from the developer. Contact our managers, we work individually with each customer and give you the best service. Support is available 24 hours a day.

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