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The online casino market is evolving by the day. Again and again, the developers try to introduce something original and fresh to catch as many new users as possible. It is no longer enough for companies to produce usual video slots, if they have no strong concept or theme actual for players, they will be forgotten in the ocean of providers and will never get a chance to succeed. Ten years before, no one developer could have known how exactly will change the iGaming sphere. Providers have to adapt to the rules of the game, otherwise, they just can't follow the trend. FLG was able to offer the audience an interesting product in today's market realities. Fast Live Games is a unique software for gaming clubs in different areas. Fast Live Games features quick bets on Keno, Bingo, Roulette, and many other games. All products are available in Full HD, the payment made instantly, user-friendly interface for each — your customers will certainly appreciate it. A large portfolio of games from the developer would not leave any player unhappy. FLG can be used in offline as well as online projects, and the games adapted for different platforms. The developer takes into consideration the specifics of the environments where his product stationed and offers customized solutions for partners to help with the integration process of their software.
  • Multi-language.
  • Autonomous work: remote control, administration, updates.
  • Any format of video broadcasts.
  • Simple and useful API.
  • Multi-level detailed statistics.
  • 24/7 support from the manufacturer.
THE ADVANTAGES OF INTEGRATION FLG is a powerful partner and assistant to your business. Their software allows you to fully configure the gameplay and the financial side, according to the objectives you have in front of you. With the help of Quality Games specialists, you can quickly implement Fast Live Games software into your project whether it's an online casino or a betting shop, your players will get high-quality service. And you'll be able to expand your selection with unique FLG software and raise income for your business.

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