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How to open a casino and set up cryptocurrency gambling

Risk and excitement are very attractive. So, people have long wanted to know how to open a casino. First of them was built in Venice, Italy in 1638. Strong feelings made it hard to accept defeat. Players had conflicts over lost money. Governments were not pleased with that arrangement and in many countries gambling was under the law.

Now the situation has changed. The rules of gambling are regulated by the gaming industry. You can open online or land-based casinos. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

Cryptocurrency gambling

First of all choose a payment system that allows you to make mass payments. Nowadays the most suitable is cryptocurrency gambling. It has such benefits:

  • A high level of anonymity for users and their transactions. Law enforcement agencies can identify the owner of a cryptocurrency wallet, but it will be difficult for them. Ordinary citizens do not have this possibility at all.
  • Absence of a centralized structure allows use of cryptocurrency all over the world. Distance and political situation are no obstacle for making payment.
  • Payment protocol enables instant transactions. Players do not have to wait long for payouts

Quality-games company offers crypto payment gateways for all operators. You can choose the solution that best suits your needs.

Source of software

White label platform

White label platform takes the name from the fact that large recording studios in the United States produced records with a white label. Small companies bought them and put their trademarks on top of them. Now it’s a household name. The model of cooperation, where one company produces goods and the second sells them under its brand, is called White label. Many companies offer open-source software. You can take advantage of their offer.


You can hire professionals who write code for games and apps. This is costly and will require time and need a special license. You will also need a permit for a random number generator.

Buying of ready-made solutions from third parties

This is more convenient because the developers have their license for both game production and random number generator.

Stages of online casino development

You need to follow this algorithm:

  • Determine the place of registration. Each country has its requirements and conditions for obtaining a license. Most entrepreneurs register their business in the jurisdiction of Curaçao because it is easy to get a permit there. The term of its issuance is 1 month. One license allows you to run different activities: casino, lottery, poker, betting, or open a betting office. The licensor does not take part in contradictions between the gambling establishment and its visitors. Gibraltar and Cyprus are also popular. They have the same conditions. You don’t have to go there in person to get permission.
  • Sign an agreement with a bank that works with high-risk companies. The bank need not be located in the country that issued the license.
  • Develop a site and take care of its content and of network security.


  • Freedom to choose the country with the most loyal laws and conditions.
  • Costs are lower than for land-based ones.
  • Great popularity and democracy.
  • A small staff is available.

Stages of land-based casino development

Selection of country for licensing and hosting

You will have to study many aspects: the political environment, tax rules, and legal documents governing the gaming industry. Important Among the best European countries for gambling include the UK, Bulgaria, and Georgia. The optimal solution for Georgia is to locate its institution in the resort region. In this case, you will be exempted from a significant part of taxes. Also, the presence of developed tourist infrastructure. The correct assessment of these parameters determines the success of the enterprise. Political instability or lack of infrastructure will reduce customer flow. The absence of a well-developed legal framework will cause permanent problems with the law.

Room selection

You will have to find a compromise between your benefits and the demands of the state. Each country has its list of requirements. They regulate space, fire safety, and distance from schools and cultural facilities. Your interests require that the premises look attractive and are in a convenient place to get to.

Purchase of equipment

You’ll need furniture, slot machines, and reception devices. Quality-games sells currency dispensers and other settlement equipment.


For offline casinos, you need a large staff: croupiers, pit bosses, administrators, accountants, lawyers, and technical staff. The state, where your casino is based, may require a certain percentage of staff to be recruited from local nationals.

Launching an advertising campaign

Customers need to know about your establishment to come to your play. Offline club promotion is based on different rules than online casino advertising. State restrictions may be imposed on the advertising of the gaming business. When you open a land-based establishment, you sell not only the opportunity to win the game and to reach some money. You sell luxury and a sense of belonging to the elite. This will attract numerous customers. But now the focus is shifting to cryptocurrency, contactless solutions. You had to remember this while planning your business.

If you are searching for hardware or software for your casino, to make a product inquire, please contact us when you have a chance. Quality-Games company has many decisions for a land-based or an online casino.

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