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Just recently, the GAT Expo Gaming & Technology 2021

Just recently, the GAT Expo Gaming & Technology 2021 was organized in sunny Cartagena, Colombia. This is a rather big event in the iGaming sector, with different areas of the gambling business taking part in the event. The forum presented a large segment of online casinos, lotteries, gambling platforms. And also managed to touch on the topic of regulation of betting in the field of cybersports. In general, the event was quite interesting, because it is not every day that such a large-scale live exposition with the most different representatives of the iGaming sphere gathers in pandemic conditions. For the first time in colorful Cartagena, online casino owners, betting companies, and gaming providers met on one stage to look into the future of the market.

Sixteen in-person conferences, two distance conferences, booths with the latest equipment, and casino, and sports betting experts rounded out the event. An extensive program awaited the visitors of the show. It is worth noting that the diversification of legal gambling was a common goal. The Caribbean economies are now in total recovery and they are presenting the entertainment market as one of the opportunities to build their economy. They host millions of tourists every year, legal gambling will always bring in a steady income during the tourist seasons.

What was on display at the show?

Two heads of the most important associations of gambling in Colombia, Fecoljuegos, and Cornazar were present at the event, they shared their experiences with their colleagues and their vision for the market. Esmeralda Britton presented gambling regulations in Costa Rica, while the chairman of the Dominican Gaming Association spoke about the importance of cryptocurrency in today's online casinos.

Evolution Gaming, a longtime partner of the event and a respected guest in South America, was present as an expert from the European segment. Several types of new slot machines presented, and a lot of time was devoted to the development of video poker. Representatives of the company stressed that now the online poker market is growing rapidly and can increase revenues of the whole iGaming sphere.


The event touched on key gambling issues in the region. Of course, most of the topics dealt with the problems of the South American sector, but the European representatives also managed to share important experiences with their colleagues. The participants tried to look into the future of the sector and improve conditions for all market players. It was also planned a few more events that should please us with news in 2022.


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Tout dernièrement, le GAT Expo Gaming & Technology 2021 a été organisé sous le soleil de Carthagène, en Colombie

Tout dernièrement, le GAT Expo Gaming & Technology 2021 a été organisé sous le soleil de Carthagène, en Colombie. Il

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