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New trends and the effect of table games on online casinos

The global trend for updates will have affected, probably, all spheres of popular activities. Online gambling is no exception. The owners of online casinos more and more often have to think about how to diversify their content and attract users. Online gambling continues to gain popularity, constantly improving and finding new ways to increase income, A lot of different providers offering unique content have emerged. And some giants of the iGaming sphere are thinking about expanding their lineup. People are switching to mobile casino format more and more, and slot machines and live games can't fully please the players. That is why companies are thinking recently about how to expand their content, as well as to create the most comfortable conditions for mobile gaming.

The most important feature of the iGaming market is mobility. Through mobile gadgets, gambling resources used by 48 million Americans. Players more and more frequently choose mobile and table games. Forbes' experts confirm that the share of mobile gaming is increasing every year, and soon it may well overtake the PC version of online casinos by the number of players. NetEnt, Microgaming, and many other most famous providers have already adapted their offers for mobile devices, probably this is the optimal vector of development, which will increase the income of the whole industry.

And how do online casino owners expand their content? The answer is obvious, table games are attracting more and more users because the quality of produced games has increased several times in recent years. Now, this format of gambling is actively competing in terms of the number of players with classic slot machines. The revenues of the providers who put such solutions on the market are growing every year. I would note that table games are very well suited to the current trend of mobile gambling. They are much easier to adapt to without any loss in quality. According to experts, adding table games to their software, a young online casino resource attracts new customers and retains old ones. In this case, it changes the original target audience. Multiplayer table games are popular among players who want to interact with others, that is, those in whom the competitive spirit is strong.


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